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In this world of noise and clutter; sometimes we just want to sit with a hot cup of joe, warm cookies and a tasty cozy mystery.

You've put the kids to bed, the dog is resting at your feet and you are ready to relax. Nothing could be better than diving into a mystery containing murder, suspense, romance and emotion in a world that is familiar yet so far away.

Who is the suspect? What's her motive for killing her best friend's husband? Wait. Is our top suspect the new neighbor who works the strange hours and argued with the victim the previous day? Why was the victim seen at the dilapidated hotel in the shady part of town only hours before he died?

When the amateur sleuth interviews the victim's secretary, the woman has a passport and an airline ticket on her desk. Where is she going and why so soon after the murder?

What kind of danger will our newfound heroine get herself into by pursuing this case?

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